Web site news

Our web hosting provider has upgraded the server hardware, and this seems to have notably improved the response time of both of our sites, this web site and the UV4Plants Bulletin web site. Today I did software updates. At this web site, the social sharing buttons are now in a more visible floating bar on the left side of posts and pages. The changes at the Bulletin’s web site are more significant. I upgraded OJS (Open Journals System) to version, which seems to have solved the problem of icons not been always displayed. I enabled new features through plugins: 1) …

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New Book: Exploring Ultraviolet Photography

A book has been recently published, which looks very useful for anybody with an interest in UV photography. It is brief, and explanations clear, but thorough about technical details. Lot of good practical advice is provided, and in the final chapter examples of different applications of UV photography are given. I haven’t yet finished reading it, but what I have read I have liked. I proper review will be published in the Bulletin. Prutchi, David (2017) Exploring Ultraviolet Photography: Bee Vision, Forensic Imaging, and Other Near-Ultraviolet Adventures with Your DSLR. Buffalo, N.Y.: Amherst Media, Inc. 127 pages. ISBN13 9781682031247. Price: …

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Scientists Discover First Fluorescent Frog | The Scientist Magazine®

The polka dot tree frog (Hypsiboas punctatus) glows under a blacklight, due to the presence of three fluorescent molecules in its lymph tissue and skin. Source: Scientists Discover First Fluorescent Frog | The Scientist Magazine® These are not plants, but still I know some UV4Plants members will find this post and the original PNAS article interesting. I am suitably posting this from Buenos Aires.

UV-B Meetings 2017

We are pleased to inform UV4Plants members about two conference sessions focused on UV-B research. These sessions have been organized jointly with the European Society for Photobiology (ESP) and will be part of the ESP Congress in Pisa in September 2017. To help UV4Plants members attend we have agreed a reduced registration fee with ESP and are also offering several bursaries. There are also other plant and non-plant photobiology symposia in the ESP Congress that may be of interest (see http://pisa2017.photobiology.eu). Please see UV meetings announcement and programme as a PDF file. Registration and fees UV4Plants members attending on 5 and …

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