2nd Network Conference: Excursion

The details of the excursion are available as a PDF file describing the Afternoon excursion Lake Cerknica and Rakov Škocjan Further information on the park is available at: http://www.notranjski-park.si/en/nature/natural-sights/lake-cerknica The cost is 35 Euros and payment is made via the registration form, as stated in the latest announcement.

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Book: UV-B Radiation and Plant Life

Book front cover

The new book “UV-B Radiation and Plant Life: Molecular Biology to Ecology” edited by Brian Jordan is about to be published by CABI with contributions by several UV4Plants members. Source: UV-B Radiation and Plant Life: Molecular Biology to Ecology at CABI’s website. The publisher’s blurb: Ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B) has profound effects on plant growth and development, and exposure varies with ozone depletion and across geographic regions, with ecosystem and agricultural consequences. This book deals with large-scale impacts but also how UV-B affects plants at the molecular level is also fascinating, and the UV-B photoreceptor has only recently been characterised. While UV-B radiation can…

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June News Update

Conference at Pécs We enjoyed a very successful first UV4Plants conference at Pécs, Hungary. Sixty four persons from 18 countries participated, with very many interesting talks, posters, and discussions. Photographs are available in a gallery page. The book of abstracts is available as a pdf file. General Assembly held at Pécs The minutes from the General Assembly are also available as a pdf file. The rules were amended by the General Assembly, and the updated version has replaced the one drafted in 2014. Some members from the previous Management Group plus new members were elected for a two-year term. The newly elected…

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