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Global Plant Council

Taking the brakes off plant production: not so good after all
Reposted with kind permission from the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory. Original article. By: Igor Houwat, Atsuko Kanazawa, David Kramer When engineers want to speed something up, they look for the “pinch points”, the slowest steps in a system, and make them faster. Say, you want more water to flow through your plumbing. You’d find the narrowest … Continue […]
Sarah Jose
Potatoes, allies on Earth and on Mars
By Zoraida Portillo (Perú) [LIMA] A joint initiative between NASA and the International Potato Centre (CIP), which is based in Peru, offers scientific evidence that it is possible to grow at least four types of potatoes on Mars. A scenario starring the root crop was portrayed in the movie “The Martian” (2015), in which a … Continue reading Potatoes, allies o […]
Sarah Jose
The Regulator’s perspective: Why some gene-edited plants are not GM-regulated in Sweden
At July’s New Breeding Technologies workshop held in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dr. Staffan Eklöf, Swedish Board of Agriculture, gave us an insight into their analysis of European Union (EU) regulations, which led to their interpretation that some gene-edited plants are not regulated as genetically modified organisms. We speak to him here on the blog to share … Con […]
Sarah Jose

BES, British Ecological Society

New mapping tool tracks elk migration to reduce brucellosis risk
  The team of biologists built a computer model of elk behavior during spring migration to identify habitats with the highest risk of brucellosis spilling over from elk to cattle. Brucellosis is a bacterial disease carried by elk and bison that can cause pregnant females to abort their fetuses. It is transmitted by direct contact […] The post New mapping too […]
Sabrina Weiss
Press Release: Humans – the disturbing neighbours of reef sharks
  While shark fishing is historically absent in this South Pacific archipelago, these animals have nearly disappeared from reefs close to human populations. This clearly illustrates that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) located in the vicinity of inhabited areas offer little protection for these iconic species. The authors urge to protect remote coral reefs as […]
Sabrina Weiss
2017 Parliamentary Shadowing scheme open for applications
Applications are now open for the second of our 2017 Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme placements, with Roseanna Cunningham MSP Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform. Participants will spend up to three days shadowing Ms Cunningham in Scotland between the 31 October and 2 November 2017, gaining a unique insight into the workings of [ […]
Camilla Morrison-Bell

SPPS, Societas Physiologiae Plantarum Scandinavica

CPSC PhD summer course 2017: SYNBIOSYS
SYNthetic BIOlogy: From pro- to eukaryotic SYStems (SYNBIOSYS), 21–25 August 2017. Synthetic biology is the engineering of biology: the deliberate (re-)design and construction of novel biological and biologically based parts, devices and systems to perform new functions for useful purposes, drawing on principles elucidated from biology and engineering. In th […]
Jan Eklöf
Register for SEB Gothenburg 2017!
Abstract submission and registration are now open for SEB’s annual meeting, which will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 3–6 July 2017, with parallel sessions in plant, cell and animal biology. Important deadlines: Abstract submission April 21st Registration May 12th Please find more information at: […]
Jan Eklöf
Meeting: New breeding technologies in the plant sciences
Registration is now open for the meeting “New breeding technologies in the plant sciences – Applications and implications in genome editing”, which will be held 7–8 July 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is a satellite meeting to the SEB Gothenburg 2017 meeting. Targeted genome engineering has been described as a “game-changing technology” for fields as diver […]
Jan Eklöf

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