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Valoya Launches a New Line of State-of-the-Art LED Grow Lights
Since its entrance to the LED grow lights market in 2009 Valoya has been dedicated to producing the highest quality horticultural LED lights for its customers which include 8 out of 10 world’s largest agricultural companies. Countless crop science companies, research institutes, universities, vertical farms etc are equipped with Valoya’s existing series (L, […]
Valoya LED Grow Lights
The Entire Cannabis Industry in One Room
The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo brought 18.000 participants and more than 650 exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center last week. The fifth rendition of this event proved to be the world’s largest gathering of the cannabis industry players, from seed to sale. For most exhibitors, this event is the highlight of the year […] The post The Entire […]
Valoya LED Grow Lights
HPS vs. LED for Cannabis Cultivation
Cannabis cultivators find themselves in a dilemma called HPS (high pressure sodium) lighting versus LED (light emitting diode) lighting. On the one hand, HPS has been around in agriculture for a long time and has proven that it can successfully grow a wide variety of plants. On the other hand, LED, as the latest entrant […] The post HPS vs. LED for Cannabis […]
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Light Approaches to Speed up the Generation Turnover
The development of new plant varieties with advanced performance or an improved environmental adaptation is important to secure our food. To obtain new genetic recombinants or to introduce one or multiple target genes, plants need to be pollinated in a controlled way and seeds must be collected – best as fast as possible to keep […] The post Light Approaches […]
Valoya LED Grow Lights
Light Planning: 3 Steps to Ensure Efficient Plant Growth with LEDs
Acquiring LED grow lights is an investment that is bound to pay off over time due to the lights’ low energy consumption, low heat emission and light spectra optimized for efficient plant growth. However, the investment may prove to be wasteful if the crucial step of light planning is executed improperly. It is all about […] The post Light Planning: 3 Steps t […]
Valoya LED Grow Lights

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