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Light Planning: 3 Steps to Ensure Efficient Plant Growth with LEDs
Acquiring LED grow lights is an investment that is bound to pay off over time due to the lights’ low energy consumption, low heat emission and light spectra optimized for efficient plant growth. However, the investment may prove to be wasteful if the crucial step of light planning is executed improperly. It is all about […] The post Light Planning: 3 Steps t […]
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Taking the Quality of Leafy Greens Beyond Organic
Leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and herbs travel long distances before they reach local retailers and eventually our plates. These journeys can sometimes be thousands of kilometers and result in plants with depleted nutritional value and flavor. Furthermore, for plants to survive these long journeys and retain some degree of freshness they ar […]
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Valoya Enables Plant Growth in Europe’s Deepest Mine
Small town of Pyhäjärvi located in central Finland is home to Europe’s deepest mine, reaching down to 1444 m (4738 ft) below surface. The municipality of Pyhäjärvi, supported by LUKE (Natural Resources Institute Finland) is repurposing parts of the mine to be used for horticultural research. Crop production will be set up at the depth […] The post Valoya Ena […]
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[Video] A Sneak Peek into the World’s Most Famous Vertical Farm
[Video] A Sneak Peek into the World’s Most Famous Vertical Farm The ‘Growing Underground’ vertical farm has been featured on CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Al Jazeera and countless other worldwide media platforms. Located 33 m underneath central London in an abandoned WW2 shelter, it supplies local restaurants and retailers with 15 varieties of microgreens d […]
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Valoya Appoints an Account Manager in The Netherlands
Since the beginning of 2017 Valoya has grown to include 4 more employees including the most recent addition, Mr.Donato Lucia as Account Manager based in The Netherlands. Having been in the LED grow lights market for 9 years now, Valoya has sold in 46 countries and has a global distribution network that includes nearly 30 […] The post Valoya Appoints an Accou […]
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